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Krystal IPO Gave good return on listing

Krystal IPO Gave good return on listing. today Krystal share listed on exchange with 10% gain in opening price. As we know that Krystal IPO price was Rs. 715. and today share listed on exchange at Rs.785 per share. It gave a good return on investment to IPO Investor.

Krystal IPO Gave good return
Krystal IPO Gave good return

who wants to sell and want to get out of this share than they can sell out these share, Now it is opened for secondary market any time time any one can buy or sell their krystal integrated share according to their need and return requirement.

Krystal Integrated IPO Details

Krystal Integrated Services IPO Date Price GMP Details. Krystal Integrated IPO details, IPO Opens Date, Lot Size, Price Band, IPO Issue Size and Timeline. Krystal Integrated Services as a company incorporated in December 2000 with the management services objective.

Krystal Integrated started it journey from wide range of services provider to its clients such as Sanitation, gardening, plumbing, electrical, house keeping, waste management, ware house management, airport management and other service on staff payroll and security services.

Krystal Integrated IPO Performance

Here we can see the IPO Performance tracker record. Krystal Integrated IPO Performance It has given a return to investor on listing day. The IPO higher side bid price was Rs715 and share listed on NSE exchange with a gain of approx 10%, with Rs.785 trading price. So the Krystal Integrated services ipo gave a good return to this IPO investor who has invested money in this ipo offer.

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