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Current Rights Issue List 2024

Current Rights Issue List, A rights issue is a way for public companies to raise additional capital by giving existing shareholders the opportunity to purchase new shares at a discounted price before offering them to the general public. This approach allows companies to raise funds without diluting the ownership stake of current shareholders who choose to exercise their rights and buy the new shares. Check here Upcoming IPO List
Current Rights Issue List
Current Rights Issue List

Current Rights Issue List 2024

Company Name Issue Open Record Date Renunciation of Rights Entitlements Issue Close  Issue Price Per Share  Right Issue Ratio Rights Issue Shares Right Issue Amount Size
Valencia Nutrition Ltd 15th March 2024 07th March 2024 19th March 2024 20th March 2024 ₹26.00 15:10 8,378,012 ₹21.78Cr.
Mercury Trade Links Ltd. 11th March 2024 1st March 2024 15th March 2024 21st March 2024 ₹40.00 10:1 2,475,000 ₹9.90Cr.

What are The Key Points of a Rights Issue 

The key points of a rights issue are:

  • Existing shareholders are granted the right to purchase new shares pro-rata to their current holdings at a predetermined price (usually at a discount to the market price) during a specific period.
  • Shareholders who choose not to exercise their rights can sell the rights themselves through the stock exchange, generating some compensation for not participating.
  • Any new shares not taken up by existing shareholders will typically be sold to institutional or other investors by the company underwriters.
  • Rights issues allow companies to raise equity capital in a cost-effective manner while treating all shareholders fairly by giving them the first opportunity to buy new shares and maintain their percentage ownership.

Find the Current Rights Issue List Here. Companies undertake rights issues for various reasons such as funding acquisitions, reducing debt levels, financing major projects or strengthening their capital base. When executed successfully, a rights issue can provide the required funds while minimizing dilution for non-participating shareholders.


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