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Latest IPO Subscription Status | IPO Subscription History

Latest IPO Subscription Status, How Many Times Subscribed an IPO. Latest IPO subscription shows that till now how much is an IPO subscribed on BSE and NSE.  Normally The Mainline IPO subscription time for investors is three working days from IPO Issue opening date, while in case of SME IPO subscription may take three to five working days.

Latest IPO Subscription Status | IPO Subscription History
Latest IPO Subscription Status | IPO Subscription History

The IPO Subscription is divided in four categories namely NNI, QIB, Retail and Employee Quota Categories. NNI, QIB, Retail and Employee IPO Investor gets IPO subscription in Mainline IPO Category, while SME IPO gets subscription in Retail and NNI categories (Some time QIB also as per the Quota). IPO Subscription closes on Public Holidays and Saturday, Sunday.

The Private Limited Company gets an approval after filling a DRHP with SEBI and than this Private company comes up with an IPO(Initial Public Offering) and listed on NSE, BSE. IPO Investors who wants to know the overall IPO subscription can see here with the official website of NSE and BSE. The IPO subscription can be done from 10am to 5pm on any subscription day.

Latest IPO Subscription Status Live NSE BSE

Find here latest IPO subscription status live NSE BSE and IPO subscription history. we can see here how many times IPO subscribed. Check Current IPO subscription list 2024

IPO Name Close Date   QIB X sNII X bNII X NII X Retail X Employee X Issue Size Total X Applications
Krystal Integrated   18th March 2024 0.57 0.57r 1.50 1.19 0.60 Rs.300 Cr 0.72 32,989 (0.45x)
Popular Vehicles 14th March 2024 1.92 0.68 0.67 0.67 1.07 8.04 Rs.601.55 Cr. 1.25 1,35,743 (0.95x)

As we can see that The latest IPO Subscription status is updated till now.

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