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Krystal Integrated IPO GMP | Grey Market Premium 2024

Krystal Integrated IPO GMP, Grey Market Premium 2024. Check out the kostak price, Grey Market Premium and Todays Sauda rates. Krystal Integrated IPO GMP is not opened by now so stay tuned keep watching Krystal Integrated IPO GMP.

Krystal Integrated IPO GMP Trending Today

Date  IPO Name Type IPO
Gain%  Kostak Subject
4 to 6 March R K SWAMY Mainboard ₹288 ₹15 5% ₹- ₹700
5 to 7 March JG Chemicals Mainboard ₹221 ₹30 14% ₹- ₹1,500
6 to 11 March Gopal Snacks Mainboard ₹401 ₹45 11% ₹- ₹1,200
12 to 4 March Popular Vehicles Mainboard ₹295 ₹60 20% ₹- ₹-
14 to 18 March Krystal Integrated Mainboard ₹– ₹- -% ₹- ₹-
4 to 6 March V R Infraspace NSE SME ₹85 ₹15 18% ₹- ₹15,000
5 to 7 March Sona Machinery NSE SME ₹143 ₹115 80% ₹- ₹80,000
6 to11 March Shree Karni Fabcom NSE SME ₹227 ₹325 143% ₹- ₹140,000
6 to 11 March Koura Fine Diamond Jewelry BSE SME ₹55 ₹65 118% ₹- ₹90,000


Disclaimer :

  • The estimated IPO Grey Market Premium (GMP) mentioned is applicable only for the specified date.
  • We do not facilitate the buying and selling of IPO forms on the IPO Grey Market.
  • Please note that due to fluctuations in the stock market, the actual IPO listing price may vary from the estimated IPO GMP.
  • We strongly advise that the IPO GMP rates are provided for educational purposes solely. Do not base your subscription to IPO solely on the premium price, as it may fluctuate before listing.
  • Make sure to subscribe to IPOs only after considering the fundamentals of the companies involved.

What is Grey Market Premium – GMP

Grey Market premium is the difference between the real ipo issue price and the trading price in offline market. The IPO GMP (IPO Grey Market Premium) is like a bonus before an IPO starts trading publicly. It’s the difference between what the IPO is officially priced at and what people are willing to pay for it in a hidden market called the grey market. Before the IPO is available on the regular stock exchanges, people trade its shares unofficially in this grey market, where it’s all done privately, not through the official stock exchange channels


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